Megan E.
We visited Canada for a week and we were glad to drop by at the Montreal for a day. The Restaurant du Vieux has always been a recommended dining place by my friends and relatives even before we planned to visit Canada. My family is more than glad that we tried out dining at this place because it was really worth it! I loved the view, the local dishes they serve and even the ambiance of the restaurant itself. I will make sure to come back the next time I visit Canada.

Daniel K.
I lived in Korea long before I moved to Canada. Being clueless with the new environment, my friends helped a lot when it comes to suggesting good places to go to. They were the ones who told me to try Restaurant du Vieux Port and I was happy that I did. Now this place has become one of my favorite restaurants due to the high quality, delicious dishes they serve.

Eunice T.
As a French national who visit Canada often, I must say that this place left a really good impression on me. I really loved how this restaurant was able to reconcile French and Canadian cuisine in one place. Whenever I visit this country, I make sure to drop by this place because the meals here are incomparable. It was also amazing how they are able to create more and more new dishes every month. There never disappoint in having a new dish to introduce whenever I go back to the place.

Elaine M.
I loved how the place changed and improved over time. It was great that the management here is innovative in coming up with new entries on their menu. With just one bite, you could immediately taste the freshness of all ingredients. I will surely recommend this place to my friends who’d come to visit.