Professional Garage Door Spring Replacement

Even a premium quality and the efficient garage door will break down for quite a few reasons but one of the common and repeat problems that I observe most often is the “broken garage door springs”.

These springs are used on garage doors to balance their 300 to 400 pounds weight while opening and closing. You should ask a professional torsion spring replacement service in Indianapolis to learn more about it.

It makes the garage door opening smooth for you but unfortunately, the weight of the garage door does put extreme pressure on the springs over time and cause them to become loose and eventually break. It is also important and valuable that replace the broken garage door springs as soon as possible because it will cause a serious headache if you don’t want to deal with them.

The operational life cycle of springs: The life of springs is typically rated in “cycles”, which shows how many times the springs will be ideal before they break. The heavy-duty garage door springs that might be used in commercial garage doors are rated for approximately 30,000 operating cycles. Assuming that you have a well-maintained and efficient garage door that is opened or closed almost 6 times a day, you can expect to have 10,000 operating cycles and 7 years of working life before they need to be replaced. 

Common types of springs: There are two common types of springs installed on garage doors; one is torsion springs and the other is extension springs. If your garage door has torsion springs, it could be mounted above the garage door opening on a spindle or a cord running through it.

These springs are used to manage the weight of the garage door when the garage door goes up and down. These springs clam down on the spindle when the garage door opens and uncoils when the garage door closes. The process of generating and releasing the tension will help the garage door to move. Extension springs are mounted on right and left sides of the garage door that stretch out and bounce back the garage door as it moves.

Garage door spring repair services: You may be thinking if my garage door springs are broken then what do I do about them. Some potential stories about broken springs include garage door opener needs strains to lift the garage door; you heard loud snapping sound which garage door was not creating previously, the garage door is hanging at an angle.

If you experienced that you have broken torsion spring, I strongly suggested that hire an experienced, licensed, and trained garage door technician to deal with them. In fact, garage door torsion springs hold extreme tension that needs to be released properly to avoid turning the torsion spring into a potentially lethal object it breaks suddenly. In addition to this, a garage door needs to be adjusted and balanced correctly to avoid additional damages to the spring and garage door opener.

About the Author: Michael Stephens