Garage Door Springs Safety Guide

Let’s face it, the garage door is convenient and blessing equipment but safe at all. It poses several risks of injuries and damages. If you are one of those guys who don’t want to spend too much effort and time thinking about garage door maintenance and just getting on with operating it. However, what most homeowners do not realize is that garage doors can be quite dangerous and complicated equipment especially to young kids when garage doors close suddenly due to broken garage door springs. In fact, the safety features of the garage doors have become much better and efficient nowadays but there are still several cases reported for injuries and casualties. Visit here to get more information about garage door springs.

So what can you do? First of all, consult a professional garage door expert to regularly inspect the garage door thoroughly to make sure that everything is functioning properly. Even though modern garage doors are electronically operated and controlled but they still need to be checked and maintained periodically. Actually, it is more true because you generally don’t get close to it which will help you to find out the signs of wear and tear that often are visible before the bigger breakout.   

Another important component to consider is garage door torsion springs which hold extreme pressure all the time. If garage door springs break suddenly, they can be dangerous for someone inside the garage. Every time you use your garage door the high tensed springs support it to lift and lower effortlessly and safely. They work in a controlled manner meaning that they are under a lot of pressure at all times. For safety reasons, you should always have them inspected and adjusted as often as possible so that they are not going to brake suddenly.

There are two main types of springs. One is torsion and the other is extension springs. The torsion springs are mounted above the garage door opening, they are basically two of them on either side of the center point of the garage door. They can lift the garage door easily either manually or electronically. They are usable for approximately 10,000 operating cycles which are 5 to 7 years of working life. If one spring breaks the other is likely to go bad shortly so, replacing them both at the same time is wiser, if possible.

Extension springs function in an entirely different way by a run along the right and left garage door metal tracks. They are simple to adjust and replace and safer than torsion springs.

However, they do poses certain safety risks because they are also under extreme pressure all the time so make sure that they are installed, fitted, and adjusted properly. It will be easy to determine which types of spring your garage door have by looking at the garage door. If you have any confusion about the mechanism of springs, consult a professional garage door expert look at them as soon as possible. 

About the Author: Michael Stephens