Garage Door Repair for Different Materials

If your garage door is in need of repair, the first step is to evaluate what is malfunctioning. Garage door problems vary depending on the type of material that is used in the creation of the garage door.

Generally, the garage door is probably created with steel, wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood composite. Each type of garage door material has its own set of common advantages and disadvantages. By evaluating the type of material of your garage door, the repairing work can go a lot easier and quicker. Professional garage door companies such as, Quality Garage Door Columbus will help you to restore the functionality of your garage door according to the type of material and operating mechanism of your garage door.

Garage door insulation: There are several types of garage door insulation. If your garage door insulation needs fixing, means that it could be wasting the cooling or heating and increasing the energy bills. It could also let sounds, insects, and other annoyances into your building. If you have stored your precious stuff in your garage and you garage door’s insulation has deteriorated, everything stored in your place could be at great risk from outside dangers. You should determine the type of insulation that you are using before you get estimation from garage door experts. 

Garage door panels: The garage door repair project may involve the replacement of damaged garage door panels. They may be dented or damaged due to harsh weather, a strong hit by car, and bouncing ball against garage door. Sometimes, the windows that are designed into panels can be broken. The cost of repairing the project depends on whether the garage door panels are created with wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. It also depends on the nature of the damages. If you need to replace the more than one panel on your garage door, you may consider replacing the entire garage door using a different material.

Mounting brackets, hinges, and garage door rollers: These components are relatively easy to fix and replace. They are also cheaper than other parts. The mounting brackets are used to hold the tracks to the wall of the garage. Sometimes, garage door repairing work might be as simple as tightening the loose screws and bolts inside the mounting brackets.

Garage door hinges will be bent when it goes up and down along with the tracks. The rollers of garage door are placed on the tracks to roll the garage door towards the ceiling of garage. These rollers and hinges are a bit harder to fix and replace on your own. Garage doors also have torsion springs that hold the extreme level of pressure. It can be dangerous to handle on your own. In this case, it is better to call a professional to help you.

Metal tracks of garage door: If the tracks of the garage door are to blame, there is a good chance that you will need to replace them. Fixing part of the tracks is not hard because you just need to apply simple techniques to restore the misaligned or dented tracks to their original position.

Simple garage door repair work:

On rare situations, the solution to garage door problems is as simple as changing the batteries of garage door remote. Before spending too much time figuring out what is going wrong with your garage door, make sure that your garage door opener and its remote are functioning properly.

About the Author: Michael Stephens