Garage Door Repair – Automatic Openers

There is a feeling of utter joy that comes over anytime you push the button of the garage door remote. Like a magical door, the wooden or steel panels slide up to open and greet you with a promise of safety and a secured storage system. All credit goes to the garage door springs and opener. But what happens when the garage door opener become malfunctions? Luckily, the garage door opener is relatively easy to fix and maintain. To know more about garage door openers, visit here

In this article, I will describe step by step the ways in which you can fix your malfunctioning garage door to bring back it in running position in no time. The garage door opener comes with an electric motor that lifts the system using a single push of a button of a remote or wall-mounted keypad. These openers can be wired into the electrical circuit or used in combination with a battery-powered handy device.

Most garage door opener models have both features. Whenever you push the button of the remote, it sends infrared signals to the control unit, in turn; they activate the motor to open the garage door. Here are the common problems that can happen:

  • Garage door opener fails to respond
  • The garage door may raise but does not close
  • The motor may runs to open the garage door without any command at all
  • Garage door may not open and close completely
  • Garage door reverses when going down to close

Due to the fact that garage door openers are little more than ordinary electric motors, the majority of maintenance routines that you can do start with motor tests, battery replacement, checking the power supply, lubrication, and alignment of the system. 

Identification and fixing the problems:

  • In case garage door system is not responding, make sure that all the cords are properly plugged into secured and operational electrical outlet.
  • If the garage door opener operates by handy remote device and it fails to work. You can use the button of wall-mounted keypad and try to find out the loose connections and damaged wires. If they found, you need to call a professional garage door electricians.
  • Garage door opener runs but does not open the garage door, try to find out the broken chain drive sprocket or damaged gears. Consult a professional garage door expert to look into matter.
  • If garage door opens by itself, check to see if the buttons of the remote control has been stuck. If it is not a problem, you will have to check the faulty circuit board which may need to be replaced.

Chances are there, you just may find yourself in such situations. To deal with them, it is always suggested that you consult a professional garage door expert to avoid the costly repair down to the road. Hopefully, with the above techniques in hand, you will be able to successfully find out and diagnose the problems and treat them professionally. Best of luck!

About the Author: Michael Stephens