Many people have been curious about us and our restaurant. We receive a lot of questions about our place every day and we are more than happy to respond to all of them. Since we cannot post everything on this website, we decided to just post some most frequently asked questions about us for your reference.


How can I make reservations through this website? Will it be easier to just send you an email?
We have a specific section on this website where you can arrange a reservation for yourself. You can find it on the homepage at the left side of the page. Although it is also possible to just send us an email. Check out our contact page to know how. Either way, we’ll accommodate immediately your requests for reservations. Just make sure to include the time and date of your intended visit. This would avoid problems brought about by miscommunication.

How can I find your restaurant especially if I haven’t been to Canada before?
You can check this website for the map showing our location and get more details on the place. If it is still unclear to you, you could email us so we could explain to you the directions further.

Can I ask what time you are open on weekdays and weekends?
We are open every 6:00 in the morning until 11:00 o’clock in the evening from Mondays to Sundays. The schedule of opening and closing hours doesn’t change unless it’s a holiday or if the restaurant is reserved for any occasion.

I am wondering if you have other branches in Canada aside from that one found in Alberta?
We are sad to tell you that we don’t have other branches yet. Currently, we are still planning on expanding but there is no definite timeframe yet on when we are going to build another branch. We’ll immediately post it here if the plan is already finalized. For the meantime, you can look for the location around and enjoy all things this restaurant has to offer.