Restaurant du Vieux Port started several years ago. We have built and created this place to satisfy the need of the people for a delicious and healthy meal and so far, our efforts had been successful. We are now the leading restaurant tourists and locals alike look for when they need to satisfy their cravings for sumptuous dishes.

The restaurant owner of du Vieux Port is a French-Canadian engineer who has the passion for all things food-related. He was known to be a certified foodie and he loved to try new foods whenever he has the chance. He even travels far and wide just to get a chance to taste something new. Since he underwent years of training under professional chefs and cooking gurus, this restaurateur pride himself on being able to prepare almost every dish under the sun. He works well under pressure and has a golden hand that can make any food taste good.

With his knowledge and skills in cooking and in culinary business, he managed to put up a small restaurant at the Montreal. Gaining recognition from other people didn’t become a struggle because, like his precision in handling spices in the kitchen, he was also precise in choosing the perfect spot to build his own restaurant. The place has a great view and in the middle of the business center of Canada.

It was hard work that catapulted this restaurant to succeed. Even though it wasn’t easy, his determination pushed him to test his limits. And it worked. Now, Restaurant du Vieux is known for its best-tasting dishes and breathtaking view along with their great services.
Check out the venue yourself to believe it. The menu always changes to give the customers the satisfaction to try something new. Make your reservations today.